MUSTART Portable Electric Vehicle Charger


On the one hand, this is another simpler style of EV charger. It lacks the WiFi connectivity or advanced built-in controls (like a timer) that other premium models provide. Though it is a simple but effective design is also boasts a high-quality waterproof case for outside storage.

It is also a plug and play style of model. That means it is easier to install and it is also easier to take with you if you move. A 25-foot cable is great to see, while no one can deny this is a very powerful model. Handling up to 40 amps of power means that this product will be able to handle the charging of even larger vehicle batteries with speed and efficiency.

That is about it when it comes to features. It is a simple but effective electric vehicle charging station. There is nothing wrong with that of course, apart from the fact that this is a very expensive charger. It is, without doubt, a high quality-charging device, but does it truly justify the sky-high price tag?