MyBaby Soundspa White Noise Machine


MyBaby is a member of the HoMedics family. It is a brand that aims to simplify life, relax one’s body, and also to distress the mind. Since its inception, HoMedics has produced some of the top home massage products, making it a trusted leader in wellness and health all over the world. It continues to provide world-changing products that are far advanced in technology with some examples being aroma diffusers, noise machines, fitness monitors, and many more. Its MyBaby Soundspa Noise Machine is a must-have for all new and busy mums. 

This is the perfect on the go item for parents. It is designed and developed from heavy-duty, high quality, and extremely durable plastic, which makes it sturdy enough to withstand most bumps and tumbles. The introduction of this noise machine to the market has dramatically changed the concept of playtime with one’s baby. The structure of this unit is small enough for easy transportation around. It is also very light in weight, facilitating easy travel. The SoundSpa helps your baby sleep better; thus, it can be attached to anything that you move around with while hanging out with your baby.