MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock


This silver disc brake lock is very tough and made from forged stainless steel. The lock is secured by a  14mm double-locking pin made from carbide-reinforced hardened-steel for maximum strength. It’s fully waterproof thanks to the silicone rubber gaskets inside the edge of the alarm and it will never get rusty.

The lock also has an audible alarm (110 dB) that is powered by 6 LR44 batteries. To activate, you simply press the lock button and a “beep” indicates the alarm is set. When the lock is tampered with, it beeps three times as a warning. However, if tampering continues, it emits a continuous shrill alarm for 10-12 seconds. The lock is opened/deactivated using one of the three brass security keys provided. There is a reminder cable that you can fit to your hand grip.