NAKTO City Electric Assisted Electric Bicycle


The Nakto Foldaway Ebike isĀ  everything you will ever need placed into a single bike entity. This mountain bike is built to operate with a lithium battery that comes with a smart charger. The use of this battery allows users to enjoy extended service on a single charge, usually lasting up to six hours.

Nakto e-bikes have a comfortable and ergonomic design that customers love. They feature a high-quality shock absorber, which ensures that your ride remains comfortable no matter the terrain you tread. Take comfort and safety to the next level with this ebike by your side. For extra convenience, the cushion of this bike is made from leather. The seat is adjustable to allow for use by both adults and teens. Customer service from NAKTO is also one of the best as the staff listens to your problems and provides excellent solutions. Also enjoy the one-year warranty given by Nakto.