Nankang CX668 High Performance Tire


The search for the perfect tire manufacturing brand is over, thanks to our discovery of Nankang tires. This is the leading manufacturer of high-quality car tires, based on globally run reviews. Every Nankang tire stands out from its competition significantly, through their design and function. With the varied models made available for all drivers and tire experts, we can guarantee you will find the perfect match for your sedan, light truck, or sporty vehicles. Our first tire model from this company is the Nankang CX668 tire. It is a high-performance tire created especially for your safety and comfort. 

The CX688 tire is a summer touring tire; thus, it possesses many different features which allow it to perform to its utmost ability. These tires enhance hydroplaning efficiency via the use of four straight groove designed patterns, incorporated by seasoned car tire designers. They also offer much-needed balance and diversion, which helps prevent tire wear after regular use. This is made possible via the tire’s dual double grooves located on the tire shoulder. Thinner sipes are used in the CX688 to help make all operations quieter and more comfortable for users.