Nankang NS-25 Performance Radial Tire


We choose Nankang tires because they are more efficient than most tire brands in the world today. Over the years, we have seen this brand evolve from merely reproducing existing tires to creating their special collections that cannot be matched. Their tires are specially crafted from selected materials, which come together to ensure that your rides are more stable and enjoyable. If you ever need to invest in a tire company, we will recommend the Nankang brand as the best option for you. We took a look at the Nankang NS-25 Performance radial tires, and we were very impressed with how they work. 

The NS-25 is a radial tire like no other. It features a construction that makes it suitable for all seasons. Meant to be an ultrahigh performing car tire, this product from Nankang delivers superior handling, performance traction, and steering control on both wet and dry surfaces, which means they can be used on different types of terrain without fail. Some features include a symmetric tread pattern, an optimized silica tread compound, and open shoulders. Each element adds to improving drivers cornering grip and handling confidence. The sport speed ratings of this tire include H, V, W, and Y.