Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All Season Radial Tire


You can never know how great a tire is or how best it performs if you’ve never experimented with it.

For this reason, our editorial team undertook several driving experiments with the various tire models under the Nankang brand. The test involved driving on different terrains, in different weather conditions. This was done to allow our team to better understand the operations and demands of each tire model, to provide potential buyers with the most accurate information possible. That being said, we continue our review with a look at the Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport radial tire.

The Nankang cross-sport is an all-season radial tire designed for use in both dry and wet conditions, throughout the year. It is one of the many fantastic tire units created by Nankang, with global acclaim and endless positive reviews online. It features an asymmetrical tread design, that allows the tire to be rotated easily, to any wheel of choice. This helps every driver get the most out of their tires. Also, there is the innovative sipe technology adopted by the Nankang team to assist in the design of their tire tread. The sp-9 cross-sport is designed especially for small SUVs and crossover vehicles.