Neiko 10573B Torque Screwdriver Set


The Neiko Torque Screwdriver set is another torque set in our list. Suitable for general use and particular jobs such as firearm accurizing, electronic repair and instrument assembly, it can be referred to only as a multi-use hand tool used by many people around the world. It is adjustable in five-inch increments and comes with a torque range from ten to fifteen inches. The handle design of this torque screwdriver set features the Pull-Turn-Lock system that is meant to make your torque adjustments easier. With every change made, levels are visible in an embedded meter window, with the selected tension locked in automatically. Other features possessed by this tool include twenty bits available in several sizes and head types, a long shank, a universal drive head which is compatible with any added socket, two removable bit holders and a heavy-duty hard-shell case.

Gain easy access to close and tight fasteners with the Neiko torque 4.5-inch shank as opposed to short shank torque options on the market. Each of the twenty bits included in this set comes with their sizes engraved adequately on their body for easy identification. Its hard shell case has also been professionally moulded to enable you to store and protect your tools when they’re not in use. This case is easy to move around, from one corner of your workshop to the other or from one job site to the next.