Neiko Drive Adjustable Click Torque Wrench


Of course, not all wrenches are required to perform high torque functions – sometimes you need something with a little more finesse.

The Park TW.52 is that model. It’s torque range is measured on the Newton Measure scale of Inch Pounds. This scale is used to better reflect the accuracy of the torque setting increments that this tool comes with – torque can be increased or decreased at increments of just 0.4nm.

This makes this tool ideal for smaller, more fragile nuts and bolts than you would typically find on a vehicle – for example, if you have a bike, especially one like a road-racing bike with very delicate components this is the wrench to use to keep all those nuts and bolts safe.

 At just nine inches long and 1 pound in weight, it is incredibly easy to use too. This tool is intuitive and carefully calibrated, making it perfect for all those smaller jobs.