Neiko Pro-Grade Tap and Die Set


Boasting that it is a pro-grade tap and die set right there in the product name, does this set from Neiko live up to the billing? As is so often the case, the answer is yes and no.

There are certainly a number of very interesting, high-end features here. Chief among them are the construction materials. Each tap and die has a steel body with titanium tips on all the cutting edges. That, according to Neiko, provides a cutting surface up to 20 times stronger than traditional steel. That is very impressive as is the range of tap and die sizes this kit contains, including some larger sized bits that are not found in all sets.

On the downside, you can choose either a SAE or a Metric kit – there are no kits with dual measurements. The case is also a minor issue. Eventually, the top mounted pieces will start falling out every time you open the lid. Still, they are minor gripes against a very well put together tap and die set of impressively tough construction.