Nelson Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit


Joe Rocket’s waterproof motorcycle suit is one of the most all-encompassing suits available. Covering the body from ankle to neck, this rain suit consists of multiple layers and endless adjustable straps all around the body to ensure a snug fit and plenty of protection from the elements. Everything about this suit screams “secure” and even the pockets are triple-closure.

You might think that all of this security could cause you to feel hot and sticky, but they’ve thought of that, too. This full-body motorcycle rain jacket has a patent-pending ventilation system, which helps keep the suit breathable while maintaining its waterproof integrity.

Users love the fit of the suit, although they recommend choosing one size up and then adjusting to fit if you like to layer up underneath this motorcycle rain suit. They also note that the temperature-regulating vents work perfectly, and they keep you warm in winter and cooler in the summer.