Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter


See the second word up there in the name of this product? It’s pocket, which is an appropriate name really, as this multimeter is nice and small. It’s also orange which is a nice change, not a color you see very often with these devices. The fact we are talking about the color, nice as it is, should give you a good idea of the main issue with this device.

The main issue is that there is nothing special about it. Yes, it’s about 20 bucks so it’s good value. But we’ve seen basic designs that simply pack in that little bit more bang for your (limited) buck.

There are some useful features here, the multi ended test wires are good to see, ending in both banana and alligator style attachments. It has a well designed, backlit screen and as we said it is nice and small. It’s a CE certified design with an easy to use control dial too.

You know what, we are being a little unfair to this one, maybe we haven’t had enough fiber in our diets today and it’s making us cranky. This is a decent, if unspectacular, basic model of multimeter with a pretty good price tag.