Nextzett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid


Interesting story about this product – and no that’s not a contradiction in terms, this is an interesting story about windscreen washer fluid. If you buy a brand new car in Germany, it will be delivered to you with this stuff in the washer reservoir – it was specifically designed for this purpose.

To that end, it is a high end, top quality product with a range of useful features. It is strong enough to tackle bug splatter and other tough stains and bits of road grime. It does this whilst also leaving behind a smear free, anti-glare finish for great road vision. It is very concentrated – this small 8.5 fl. oz bottle makes 12 gallons of top quality washer fluid, representing excellent value.

Oh, and this is the second product on the list that has a pleasant citrus scent. Again, we’re not sure why.