Nilight ATV LED Light Bar


The Nilight ATV light bar was designed for off road use and is our top pick for several reasons. Both affordable and efficient, the NI06A series is easy to install and offers you more than 50,000 hours of illumination while you conquer all kinds of challenging terrain during your travels. Clear visibility during the night is incredibly important and this model delivers a flood of pure 126W white light via a new and improved PC lens. The lens is tough and was made for outdoor use where your vehicle is bound to run into mud, sand or water. This model also meets the I068 standard, meaning that it is waterproof and comes with cooling fans that prevent the unit from overheating. Moreover, the mounting brackets can be easily adjusted, allowing you to change the direction of the light beam. This versatile model can also be used in campers, motorcycles, UTVs as well as trucks.