Nilight Truck Tailgate Light Bar


The first set of lights to earn themselves a spot on our list is made by Nilight. The lights come in the form of a flexible, 60 inch rod, embedded with 108 LED bulbs. Each bulb has been proven to shine 35% brighter than regular chips, making sure you’re seen even in the worst weather conditions.

The tightly sealed, flexible housing protects the lights against wear and tear from the weather, as well as from dust and dirt. This great durability adds up to an estimated lifetime of up to 30,000 hours of use. As well as this, they’re easy to install – there’s no drilling required, thanks to a powerful adhesive included in the set. The set is versatile, too, coming with five useful settings; reverse light, left and right turn signals, a brake light, and running light. Overall, the lights are a tough and versatile way to make sure you’re seen on the road no matter what.