Nitto INVO High Performance Tire


The Nitto INVO High-Performance Tire – 275/40R18 99Z is a tire with a design that is simply packed with technology and know-how to achieve unmatched performance, refined ride, and guaranteed satisfaction. Sporty coupes and sedans will find this tire most suitable for smooth cruises in summer. A sophisticated state of the art engineering and digital audio testing simulation was used to create a tread pattern that drastically reduces road noise perception and provides maximum comfort and deliver superior traction and firm grip in dry and wet road conditions, with the emphasis being laid on dry grip and high-speed traction.

As a result of this modeling technique, Nitto came up with a tread pattern that is not only unique and breathtaking but also robust and truly functional. It is the tire specially made to provide maximum comfort and superior traction in wet conditions. This is made possible by means of the deliberately crafted circumferential grooves to take you anywhere in comfort and style. The uneven tread design places it in a position for precise and responsive handling and greater performance. With a cool price, you can walk away with this 30.2-pound utility-style high performance rated tire that is both good and dependable.