Nitto Neo Gen All-Season Radial Tire


Once you get the right tire for your vehicle, more than half of your safety, security, and comfort on the road have already been secured. When looking for a tire that gives both balance and control with the most efficient performance and confidence on the road without making a sound, then the Nitto Neo Gen All Season Radial Tire – 205/50R15XL 89V is the preferred solution. It is specially crafted to achieve superior street performance in the real world and does this very well, especially on lowered vehicles. It is a great tire that can be mounted in any direction and possesses reinforced tread edges to avoid wear and very excellent in wearing evenly and comes with middle parts that provide better grip when braking or accelerating.

Additionally, there are added grooves in between the tread blocks which are not just for fun or decoration but a deliberate design to evacuate water efficiently when driving on wet terrain. As well as performing great on both wet and dry roads, this tire also features 3D multi-wave sipes to increase wet traction and help provide overall stability to the tread blocks. What’s more, the seamless inner shoulder lowers tread flex minimizes wear as time elapses whilst the deep circumferential grooves evacuate water from the tire to give it performance on wet roads. And the large outer shoulder blocks boost the tire to road contact to ensure a firm grip when negotiating sharp curves.