NOCO Battery Life 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger


This is a pretty interesting model from Sunway Solar, which has a price point of around 40 bucks, making it a product from well toward the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

What are you getting for that money? Well, power is one of the main features you’re picking up here – 15 volts of it, on a sunny day at least. You also get a well-designed power cable, that’s easy to change from 12-volt charger adaptor to direct connection clips.

That’s all very useful but the truly impressive feature is the built in LED light, which actively monitors the battery charge level. It blinks whilst the battery is charging, then stays solid when the charge is complete. That’s a very useful feature, and goes a long way to offsetting the fact there is no built in overcharge protection.

The unit is nice and rugged in design and also boasts a glass protector over the solar panel cells. It’s small enough to mount on the dash, but rugged enough to leave out too – just don’t get it soaking wet, it’s not fully waterproof.

It’s not cheap, but there looks to be enough features in this well designed piece of kit to justify that price tag.