NOCO BT31S Battery Tray


Another company we much admire for their immense contribution to the protection of boat batteries and systems is NOCO. They have been in existence for years and have provided several boat owners with the best, high performing units which keep their batteries away from moisture, corrosion, and any other form of impact. Their NOCO BT31S Battery Tray is a fantastic product and one of the best battery trays in today’s market.

This dual battery box compartment is ideal for your RV, automotive, and marine batteries. It is, however, designed with a focus on single group 24-31 cells. The materials used to construct this beauty include nylon. The nylon is highly resistant to water and is used for the webbing portion of the box. It features the use of other military-grade materials which can withstand all tensile loads over 120 kilograms.