NOCO Genius G7200 Ultra Safe Battery Charger


NOCO Genius smart battery chargers is one of the most advanced and safest chargers in the market today. This G7200 7.2Amp is specifically for charging from 12V up to 24V lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries up to 230Ah. It also has the versatility to maintain garden and lawn, marine, automotive, and deep-cycle batteries.

One of the most outstanding features of this smart charger is that it can charge twice as fast as the ordinary chargers and it can also power DC devices, repair damaged batteries, and it will work well with CANBUS electrical systems and micro-hybrid start-stop cars.

With the help of an onboard microcomputer, the NOCO Genius G7200 smart battery charger has features to monitor all the activities necessary for safe and efficient battery charging. It will automatically minimize the consumption as well as optimal guarantee levels of reliable protection. These include reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, and spark-proof technology.

You can comfortably connect the charger for 24/7 without worrying about any safety concerns whatsoever. Its sleek design also ensures it is compact, portable and weighs less for ease of carrying around.

The charger comes fitted with external mounting holes as well as a rubber base to stop it from slipping or scratching the surfaces on which it is placed. The intuitive LED indicators will give state-of-the-art feedback on the charging process and other diagnostic information even when the charger is set to maintenance mode.