NOCO Genius Motorcycle Battery Maintainer


The CTEK Battery Charger is a 4-step system that is made to operate automatically at all times. It is a unique product that features the company’s patented program, meant to charge and maintain your battery, ensuring that they retain their maximum battery life for a long time. This battery charger doesn’t exhibit any short-circuit proof or sparks, as it’s well protected to ensure that you and your vehicle stay safe and well protected always. Its operation is straightforward; thus it can be used by everyone.

In all climatic conditions, the CTEK battery charger will behave just fine, thanks to its water and dust resistance. Charging is also very straightforward, and there’s a reduced chance of overcharging. You can change this system while the vehicle is in use, and there’ll be no damage. This battery charger is a highly versatile motorbike trickle charger that comes in a compact design for more accessible storage and transport. It is well suited for all vintage vehicles, motorcycles, and lawnmowers daily. CTEK never compromises the safety of users; thus, all accessories associated with this charger are spark-free.