ODI Bike Handlebar Grips Rouge Bonus Pack


It’s time to change the look and feel of your bicycle grips; they’re tired, and they look terrible. If you’re wondering what the next step is after tossing your old grips, we’re here to help you. Go shopping for the ODI Bike Handle Rouge Bonus Pack. This rogue model from ODI is a silver and black beauty classically designed to take biking to a different, higher level of exciting. On several mountain bikes fora, these grips have recorded universal praise for their amazing cushy comfort. Made for easy use with or without gloves, the ODI bike handle grips require a little setup process to ensure that they don’t slip during your rides. The instructions are simple to follow and don’t take up too much of your time.

These lock on grips from ODI are 130mm long, with a 2.5mm Allen bolt found on either end and a clamp for maximum security. It fits snugly to your handlebar and doesn’t pose any risk of make this unit slightly tack from the onset, ODI engineers have designed the Rogue Grip with large raised pads and relatively soft rubber. The tacky feel is necessary from the beginning to deliver cushioned control to bikers in all trail situations. These bike grips have been tested rigorously by ODI staff to ensure they offer only the best concerning quality and durability. No product is launched without a test, which is why ODI products are regarded highly in today’s market.