OEMTOOLS 20” 4 Way Lug Wrench


The final tool is this four-way tire iron from OEMTOOLS. If there is one thing we are sure about this tool, it is the fact it is very, very green. That paint does help to make the tool nice and visible, and you probably won’t misplace it in even the messiest garage. On the other hand, the color scheme is probably not going to be for everyone.

Aside from the color scheme there is a lot to like. This cross wrench has 20” arms, far longer than the standard 14” we’ve seen so far. That’s going to make it easy to generate lots of torque to tackle rusted or stubborn bolts. The construction features heat-treated carbon steel for a tough and resilient tool. The sockets are universal size and also quite deep.

This is a premium level lug wrench and certainly one of the top cross wrench designs we’ve looked at. It costs a little more than the standard cross wrench but is not earth shatteringly high. Whether you like the color or not will be a personal preference, but underneath it is a very well made lug wrench.