Ohtsu FP7000 All Season Radial Tire


The art of driving demands a lot of attention and the purchase of quality accessories to make your journeys smoother and more comfortable. In the vehicle industry, there are a lot of brands that manufacture car tires, with each brand promising to offer better quality than the rest. The existing reviews on review platforms show that the best tire brand in today’s market is Ohtsu. This is a company that makes use of quality, durable materials to create their tires. The company comprises of car experts and tire engineers who bring together design ideas after countless hours of research. Their designs target comfort, stability, and durability, which are considered vital to every driver. We start our review article with the Ohtsu FP700 tire.

This is Ohtsu’s best all-season tire, put together to be nothing short of fantastic. This radial tire offers all users a quiet ride, due to its unique shoulder tread block design. It also features a non-directional tread design that provides a smooth ride and a reduced level of wear. Ohtsu prevents wear and tear with this tire by designing many different rotation patterns, while the circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning and slipping. Using these tires, you will not hear any sound, thanks to their variable shoulder tread block system. Since its launch in 2012, manufacturers have chosen not to alter the Ohtsu FP7000 design because it remains the right choice for many drivers.