Ohtsu FP8000 Tire


One primary reason why Ohtsu tires remain on the lips of customers all across the world is that they are incredibly affordable. Since the company’s inception, they have sought to create car tires that perform excellently, without costing a fortune. Their production of varied tire sizes and designs is done to allow for brand versatility, where many vehicles can benefit from their world-class tire design. The second Ohtsu tire model from the company being reviewed is their Ohtsu 285 tire. This is a genuinely remarkable tire created for use on all kinds of terrain and with different types of vehicles. It is regarded as their bestselling tire, and it has all the design requirements that guarantee your safety and comfort. 

The 285 model from Ohtsu comes with an incredible W speed rating which surpasses many existing brands in the market today. These tires come in sizes for all vehicles and are designed with a black sidewall for better performance. You can make use of the 285 tires during the summer and enjoy great comfort while you explore new areas and sites. It is a tire model with enhanced grip and traction, often required for sporty types of cars. It features an asymmetrical tread design which enables it to perform like a touring tire. Its operations are always silent, with its four wide circumferential grooves making the car more stable for easier handling.