Ohtsu ST5000 All Season Radial Tire


The Ohtsu ST5000 is an all-season tire and our final installment in this article. Out of all tires manufactured by the brand, this all-season radial tire comes across as the most adequately designed, thanks to the various positive feedback received from existing users. All over the world, these tires are being used with light trucks, sporty cars, and many other vehicles with ease. It is therefore not surprising that manufacturers have decided to stick with the initial design after all, why change a good thing? This model under the Ohtsu brand is suitable for all weather conditions, and it is also extremely durable.

The Ohtsu ST5000 tires are built with durable materials that can last for thousands of miles. This tire works well in all weather conditions, thanks to its deep tread design combined with a broader circumferential groove pattern. Stability and better handling are also ensured by this model, through the design of a solid centre rib. This means that no matter the weather maybe you’re assured of your safety. You can buy this radial tire for your utility vehicles and other sporty tracks because its design accommodates such sizes. The non-directional tread design employed with these tires is another excellent feature that delivers better grip and excellent traction whenever it is required.