Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench


We love the name of this product, Mobile Project Center — it sounds like a base for GI Joe. It does live up to its name too, with a design that is all about mobility. It weighs 40 pounds, which is pretty light for a small workbench, especially one like this that boasts stainless steel as its frame material. It’s also quick and easy to set up – it literally takes a few seconds and you’re all set to go.

There’s no point having mobility and easy setup unless the workbench is actually useful as… well, as a workbench. Kreg have you covered here too though with a number of useful features present and correct. The bench has multiple work modes, all easy to set up. This makes it extremely versatile and you can easily adjust the worktop placement and angle to suit a range of tasks.