On The Go OTG4-StdSoft Portable RV Water Softener


This unit provides a simple fit with no need for tools, electricity or specialist skills and knowledge. The 360 degree swivel makes it easy to connect to the inlet hose.  It has a highly compact design with a diameter of less than seven inches and a length of 22 inches. Therefore, it will easily fit into most storage bays and lockers. It can cope with high flow rates and will not cause a pressure drop.

There are 8,000 grains of water softening capacity which lasts for approximately 20 days. Then it takes just 15 minutes to regenerate it with simple table salt. It comes with a cradle base for a very secure fitting and a carry handle. There is also a large mouth opening which makes it convenient to add the salt. The lightweight design means that it is easy to carry around with you – all you have to do when you want to move it is cap the plug to prevent leakage.