Opluz Smart Car Charger


From your car refrigerator to your DVD player, Opluz’s universally compatible Smart Car Charger will cater to your charging needs. Containing two sockets alongside two smart UBS and one Quick Charge USB 3.0 port, the entire family can charge its devices concurrently on the same drive. The only problem will be fighting over what member of the family gets to plug their device into the esteemed quick-charging USB 3.0 port that generates a 50-percent charge in your phone after only 35 minutes.

Opluz take its customer’s safety seriously and ensures that the splitter stops working automatically if there is any chance of the product overcharging or overheating. Plus, we believe it’s impossible not to love a product that rotates on demand. What’s more, if you require any additional support or a replacement fuse, the car charger is backed by a no-hassle, two-year warranty. What’s not to love?