OPT7 Aura LED Trailer RV Awning


Do you want the option to illuminate your RV from halfway across the campsite? The wireless remote function remote option for OPT7’s Aura LED Trailer RV Underbody allows you to manage the colors and patterns at up to 80 feet away from your RV. Plus, OPT7 includes an extra remote if you’re prone to losing your belongings. Even if you leave one of the controls at home, you can still connect your LED strips to music and dance the night away in the comfort of your RV.

The four incandescent light bars can be fitted inside or outside your RV. If you choose the latter option, the rust-proof aluminum body and dense, IP67-rated silicone polymer successfully protect your lights from dirt and debris to keep the lighting kit on track to meet its over 50,000-hour estimated lifespan. There are two installation options to choose from. From the light setting to the installation, you’ve got complete control.