OPT7 Aura Underglow Kit


Whether you’re driving on the highway or on off-road tracks, it’s definitely an advantage to be seen. With underglow lights, there’s no way your cool vehicle could be missed. The OPT7 Aura Truck/SUV LED Underglow Lighting Kit is for the bold and beautiful at heart. It features a broad spectrum of bold and vibrant colors suitable for a wide range of users. These colors come with different flash modes that can be alternated depending on what you want per time. To make this kit more user-friendly, there are two wireless remotes that select the preferred colors, brightness levels, flashing modes and the likes. It takes a simple push of the easy-to-use remote to personalize and customize the underglow effect.

The underglow kits are actually attached under the car as the name implies, and there may be some concerns about durability. Thanks to the well-constructed ‘rust-proof’ aluminium frame accompanied by dense silicone, the lights are protected from dust and debris encountered on the road. There are two installation methods to choose from making it quite easy and versatile to set up. The OPT7 is not only easy to install, it comes with all the mounting hardware required to set the lighting kit up. With two installation methods and verified sizing dimensions, this underbody kit is set to fort a wide range of trucks, SUVs and vans.