OrionMotorTech Automatic Battery Charger


This model from OrionMotorTech has been stripped way back to a pretty basic design. That means that this model comes with a very low price tag, however the manufacturer has managed to keep a number of useful features included within the product.

It is fully automatic, with a built in processor to monitor the charge level held in the battery and adjust the charge accordingly. The usual safety features are present such as anti-spark technology, overcharge and short circuit protection.

One small thing to note with this model is that it doesn’t have the power to charge larger batteries, such as those found in cars, trucks and other full size vehicles. Instead, with these it will only do maintenance style trickle charges to keep them topped up. It can however both charge and maintain smaller batteries, such as those found in motorbikes.

All in all then, a very basic model with a very attractive low price and, whilst it may be a little underpowered, still has enough features to be a decent trickle charger.