OTC Tools Easy Roller Dolly


We’ll finish up with something a little out of the ordinary here, at least when compared with the previous tire dolly designs we’ve looked at today. This wheel car dolly from OTC is a hydraulic design. What does that mean? Well, it means that instead of a solid tire plate you are getting a pair of rollers attached to a hydraulically powered lifting unit.

That means that you simply lower the rollers to the floor, wheel the dolly up close to your tire and jack it up into the air. Once raised you simply lock the device and voila – your car is up on the dolly ready to be moved. The upside to this design is then quite obviously the convenience factor. If you want your car up in the air quickly and easily and ready to move in a matter of minutes with no additional equipment, well in that case this could be the best wheel dolly set for you.

A wheel dolly jack is though a more complex beast than a simple plate style of design. Whilst this does make them a high capacity tool, it also really kicks up the price tag. This dolly will set you back a bit under 200 bucks for one. That’s right, not a 4 pack, not even a pair – nearly 200 hundred bucks per dolly. Go check how many wheels there are on your car and you can see how this could be quite an expensive investment.

Yes, it is going to put a big dent in your bank account. But if you are looking for a high capacity, well designed and very useful wheel dolly this could be the one for you.