Oxygenics Body Spa RV Shower Kit


This shower head model from Oxygenics is a blend of quality, functionality, and durability. As the name suggests, this shower head unit is built to recreate a spa-like atmosphere in your shower. It features many different elements that set it apart from regular shower heads. The significant difference is that it comes with different accessories.

The Body Spa RV shower head is built with brushed nickel and comes with a 60-inch hose, wall mount holder, SmartPause valve, and plumber’s tape. All internal parts of this unit are coated to prevent clogging and mineral build-up. The SmartPause technology limits the flow of water while you soap up to help preserve tank levels. It helps to keep your water temperatures consistent for a more enjoyable experience. You can also use this shower head to quickly rinse long hair with ease due to the unit’s spray pattern.