Oxygenics Shower Held


The Oxygenics Handheld Sprayer Kit features a simple, classic design that is efficient, durable, and a good value. It allows the user to conserve as much water as possible. It offers comprehensive coverage and comes with a setting that enables you to adjust the pressure. 

This Oxygenics shower head has a simple button that controls all of its operations. It requires a simple push to set the entire unit in work mode. We like the overall design of this unit. The shower head delivers good performance with its pressure limits and tank size. It features a non-stick interior, which helps to prevent clogging and build-up even with hard water. Apart from the internal parts, the Oxygenics sprayer comes with an attractive exterior that blends in with your bathroom theme. To help limit the water flow, you can activate the SmartPause valve feature.