Oxygenics Standard RV Shower Head


The Oxygenics Standard Fury Sprayer is an incredible RV shower head, which has been put together for easy and effective use while on your various camping trips. The Fury sprayer is a handheld showerhead unit designed with non-stick interiors. The use of an internal film eliminates the chances of corrosion or clogging, which in turn, boosts the performance of your sprayer. After your purchase, you can set up this unit easily and within a short period. This is because the package includes a wall-mount and plumbers tape, two of the most critical accessories for installation. 

The Oxygenics motorhome shower is beautiful both in function and aesthetics. It features an attractive exterior, which dramatically complements your existing RV décor for a seamless experience. Depending on your preferred pressure limits and the size of your tank, this RV shower head achieves its performance goals. With the attached 72-inch hose, your shower head unit will work from anywhere within your shower. For a more versatile experience, Oxygenics allows you to customize and adjust the shower pressure quickly. The unit also comes with a finger grip designed from rubber to help prevent dropping and any form of slippage. The cutting edge technology used for this showerhead help increase pressure while ensuring durability.