OZERO Winter Gloves


First things first, and it should be noted that these gloves are not of a design that is going to appeal to everyone. There’s just a bit too much yellow for them to be a design with the subtlety to simply blend in. At the same time, as a pair of winter gloves from the lower end of the price range they don’t really have the high-end materials to warrant the closer inspection their bright coloring will draw.

At the same time, and especially given that low price point, these are a pair of snowmobile gloves packed with useful features. Chief amongst them is the 150g of Thinsulate insulation – not the highest amount on the market but certainly not the lowest either. Those yellow palms do look horrific (in our opinion at least) but they are at least made of genuine cow leather, an extremely tough but soft and flexible material.

The backs are of Nylon construction, again nice and tough whilst also being wind proof and water resistant. A big strap holds them in place whilst a toggle closure seals up the glove to keep out wind and moisture.

It may look like crap, but this is still a feature packed, excellent quality budget glove option.