Park-It Parking Curb Wheel Stop


Our third product into the list and we get to see a third way of assisting with parking. This is a garage car stop, a much more physical marker than the ball and laser methods that have come before. This parking aid is of an all rubber construction (apart from the reflective tape) and measures in at 6 feet in length, which is about 72 inches. It weighs 34 pounds, and it is that heft that is the main selling point here.

What you have here is an excellent middle ground between lighter parking stops, which have to be bolted to the ground, and heavier ones, which are a nightmare to pick up and carry. This one can be easily moved into position, and it has the weight behind it to provide enough resistance to car tires without having to be bolted to the floor. That means it can be easily placed in the garage as an everyday parking aid, and then just as easily moved to one side if it’s in the way.

It has a lovely tough construction too, which is resistant to fading and damage from, amongst other things, UV light, oil spillages and exposure to temperature extremes. It is going to set you back about 70 bucks, so it is the most expensive item on the list. It is however a very well designed and well made example of a curb stop, certainly one the best of its type on the market today.