Performance Tool M194 Adjustable Micro Torque Screwdriver


From an adjustable gun torque screwdriver, we move our focus to another torque made specifically for instruments, firearms, electronics, TPMS valve cores and many other uses., much like the wheeler torque. This is the performance Tool Adjustable Torque Screwdriver, and it has been developed never to be in need of any kind of oil, thanks to its permanently lubricated internal mechanism. It constitutes many high-quality materials that are strong, sturdy and extremely durable to have your wrench working at high output levels for an extremely long time. The Performance Tool Adjustable Micro Torque Screwdriver is equipment developed and used by many all around the world.

This is a big and heavy screwdriver that handles lots of twist without any problem. It features a universal hex bit holder, an adjustable torque collar that holds your desired setting when released and a drive socket adapter. Reduce the risk of damage and eliminate over-torquing when used on sensitive equipment or components. It also features a rubberised grip that offers extreme comfort to all users. It is a torque screwdriver of great value and is highly recommended by many people worldwide. Don’t miss out on such an experience; enjoy all your projects by using the Performance Tool torque screwdriver.