Permatex 80019 Aviation Form-A-Gasket No. 3 Sealant


The Aviation Form-A-Gasket sealant from Permatex is another one of their various exceptional sealants found on the market today. Permatex offers riders with a broad range of gasket sealants that can be used on multiple year models of both domestic and imported vehicles with different performance calibres when a chemical gasket is not an option. This Permatex sealant is a non-hardening and slow-drying brush-top sealant that has been formulated to resists substances such as oil, gasoline and grease. With a temperature range starting from -65F and ending at 400F, this gasket sealant has been approved for use in automotive applications and aviation, and it can be applied onto sealing hoses, close-fitting machined surfaces and solid gaskets. 

The ability of this Permatex sealant to freely resist grease, oil and gasoline helps reduce the occurrence of your leakage being permanently blocked. This feature makes the Permatex sealant one of the best gasket sealers ever formulated. Its wide temperature range also makes it a highly effective and reliable Permatex model. Considered by many as an extremely important gasket sealer, the Permatex sealer is recommended by many professionals for use on various vehicle parts such as the surfaces of the close-fitting machine, the solid gaskets, sealing hoses and many more. All these parts have been identified due to the versatile nature of the Aviation Form-A-Gasket sealer. Since it doesn’t harden as it dries, this gasket sealant can be applied with a brush.