Permatex 81160 High-Temp Red Silicone Gasket


Permatex is one brand known by many. They are a group of like-minded individuals who believe in the creation of innovative and cost-efficient products that meet the daily needs of riders and drivers. Their love for the welfare of their consumers has led them to continually provide the right gasket maker for all your applications, with the Permatex 81160 Silicone Gasket being a typical example. If you’re in need of a product specially developed for use on heavy-duty vehicles such as the tow truck, then this might be your ideal choice. Not only has it been formulated for high-temperature applications, but the Permatex Gasket sealer also can take the place of any cut gasket with ease. 

To increase its reliability, this engine block sealer doesn’t only replace your cut gasket, it also coats all your pre-cut gaskets, and resists the occurrence of shrinking, cracking and migrating by creating reliable ‘formed-in-place’ gaskets of high resistance. Some of the areas in which this sealer can be applied include thermostat housings, oil pans, valve covers, water pumps, transmission pans and timing covers. With a temperature range between -65 degrees Fahrenheit and 650 degrees Fahrenheit, this engine block sealer can resist auto and shop fluids. It carries an OEM specification since it’s a member of the first generation gasket makers in existence between 1970 and 1980. An outstanding oil resistance, sensor-safe properties and excellent torque retention are but a few of the many significant performance advantages that Permatex has been created to offer every rider. It is one of the special superior RTV silicone gasket sealers formed as a solution to the use of new materials such as bi-metal alloys, aluminium and high-tech plastics, extended warranties and engine sensors used by many new vehicles.