Permatex Rearview Mirror Adhesive


The Permatex 81844 Professional Strength Rearview Mirror Adhesive car mirror glue will work as a quick fix for your broken rear view mirror and can be used to attach a newly purchased mirror thanks to its professional-grade qualities. Thankfully, it is a permanent solution, which means that once you use this you can forget about buying another adhesive for years to come. To prove its professional-grade strength this product has been approved and used by GM, Ford, and Chrysler. It comes with a razor blade, a primer wiper, and an adhesive: the three main components you will need to complete the application. If followed carefully, users should have no issue with the product and it should remain durable and strong through all weather conditions. Despite the fact that this may be the most affordable product on our list, it does not hold back when it comes to getting the job done. This product ultimately makes it to our list for being affordable, professional-grade and easy to use.