PHILIPS 38mm festoon Bright White Interior Vision LED light


If you appreciate a good-looking car with stylish lights, the Philips LED light might be the best light to start a conversation with. These lights add unmatched style to your ride, helping your lighting game stay sharp on the cutting edge for years to come.

The Philips festoon white light is a Vision LED light that has been built to last for up to 12 years, guaranteed. It is an interior light that features a 6000K bright white light for backup applications and an exterior lighting system that uses an instant-on capability to respond quickly when it is needed. For stopping, the Philips LED light has been manufactured with an intense red light. This lamp works well as a dome light, brake and taillight, glove compartment light, backup light, and of course, license plate light. 

For over a 100 years, Philips has been developing LED lights via many innovative means as a solution to automotive lighting problems. Its constant research and experimentation led it to come up with a product referred to as the first street-legal exterior LEDs, which can replace exterior incandescent bulbs as a direct replacement. With these lights, you’ll probably never change your bulbs again.