Philips Headlight Bulb


If you want a bright, long-lasting headlight bulb from a reliable brand, definitely check out Philips H7 CrystalVision. This DOT compliant bulb provides bright white-ish light in the nighttime, and a blue effect during day time, elevating the style of any vehicle. In fact, according to the manufacturer, the bulb provides so much bright light that it’s comparable to xenon.

This halogen H7 bulb is a high-performance headlight bulb, meaning it provides super-bright light, ensuring maximum safety no matter the weather conditions. The tradeoff, of course, is that it doesn’t last as long as regular bulbs. That said, based on hundreds of satisfied reviews, it should still last for a very long time (an average seems to be around a year and a half to two). The Original Equipment (OE) quality seal speaks to its durability and longevity. As a bonus, this package comes with 2 car bulbs, ensuring symmetrical and safe light beams from both headlights.