Piaa High Performance Halogen Bulb


Looking for the brightest headlight bulbs? Check out PIAA H7 Xtreme halogen bulb. Using aerospace alloy filaments for durability and Piaa’s XTRA technology for increased light output, this headlight bulb gives more contrast and brightness, allowing you to see farther down the road more clearly.

The PIAA H7 Xtreme White provides 4000K intense bright white light for increased visibility, plus elevates any vehicle’s style thanks to a slight blue bulb tint. Besides alloy filaments and PIAA’s XTRA technology, this product also utilizes the properties of heat-resistant quarts for increased lifespan and durability. Needless to say, it’s DOT compliant and perfectly safe as it provides more light output than regular bulbs, giving the driver better color recognition, improved contrast and depth perception. It should be noted, however, that this top-quality halogen bulb is more expensive than stock headlight bulbs. But is it worth it? Considering the extremely bright and clear light the bulb produces, as well as  the1-year warranty, we think so.