Pioneer AVH4200NEX Double Din Receiver


Here’s a premium level, extremely well designed product – however for the price tag you’d expect it to be! The Pioneer name plus the price tag is your guarantee that you’re getting a truly premium product – but what features is it packing to justify the dent it will make in your bank account?

You get all the standard features you would expect: Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls on the fly and a wide and comprehensive list of media file playback, including DVD and CD. Built-in control for an iPod, iPhone and iPad makes synching and using Apple devices incredibly easy but it also has excellent synching with Android devices (if a little less hands-on control).

The NEX (Network Entertainment Experience) is the jewel in the crown, boasting a totally innovative blend of built-in synching and external cloud-based services to provide an incredibly easy and intuitive way to use all of your apps on the go. The 7-inch screen is both gorgeous and huge and really helps you make the most of the NEX functionality too.

This is a really well-designed, really well thought-out model. If you can look past the price tag – perhaps see it as a long-term investment – you could be onto a winner.