Pioneer TS-A6966R 6×9 Speaker


Pioneer is of course a huge and well-respected name in the world of car audio systems. This is one of two Pioneer models that have managed to get onto our list in fact, testimony to the overall quality of this brand.

This model, the TS-A6966R is the cheaper of the two models on this list, but don’t let that fool you! This model is actually a re-working of an older Pioneer design, so it may look familiar to audio enthusiasts. This model now comes with a new multiplayer cone backed up with a diaphragm constructed of specialist materials previously only found on more high end (and more expensive) Pioneer models.

This gives you the sound performance you would expect from a more expensive speaker for a fraction of the price of a high-end speaker. If you’re maybe looking to try out your first speaker upgrade, this is a good beginner option.