Pirate Battery Battery for Harley Davidson


The Rechargeable YTX20L-BS Motorcycle Battery by Pirate Battery boasts AGM separators between its plates. It’s a high-powered, high-performance battery that is just right for your Harley-Davidson. The battery is made with the highest quality materials available. The AGM separators make it so the battery completely absorbs and traps any acid, which in turn makes the battery spill-proof and leak-proof. It comes pre-charged, so you can get started using it without a hassle, and its low discharging rate means it’s something you can use for the long haul.

It looks great too. It is really cool that it has the Pirate design on the side, which fits in well with its high-energy, high-output features. And while the design is great, that isn’t all there is to it. Due to the cover being made of Polypropylene, it has a reserve electrolyte function, which makes the battery sturdy even in cold weather.