Pit Posse 576 Wall Mount Tire Rack


Is your garage getting too tight, from all the tires strewn all over the floor? Are you in need of a tool to help you create more space for other items without having to throw your tires away? Or are you a tire dealer looking to further optimize space by being more organized? We have your solution right here — it is known as the Pit Posse Wall Mount Tire Rack. This is one of the few storage units on the market that doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to design. This fold-up tire rack is also identified as the most economical unit ever to exist, and this has given it global acclaim over the years. It features two sizes, the 24 and 16 inches for various storage quantity needs.

The use of aluminum for the construction of this tire stand doesn’t only make it sturdy and durable, it also offers a polished and classic look. When it’s not needed, the Pit Posse can be collapsed up and folded flatly with ease against your wall. It is a great unit to have in the comfort of your garage, mechanic shop or your trailer. No matter where it’s attached to, the Pi Posses promises to offer nothing but a high level of functionality. With several kinds of tires being in existence, the Pit Posse tire rack has been designed to accommodate all tire types, from cart tires to motor tires and also car tires.