PJ Masks Vehicle Cat Boy Cat Car


The PJ Masks Vehicle Cat Boy Cat car tells a story about a cat boy who has a cat car. Pounce into action with the duo as they go into the night to save the day with their PJ Masks vehicles. This toy set features a different display of cars with a cat boy figure, a 3″ articulated mini figure and the cat car, a private vehicle which is his signature ride. Go with them as they roar into the night to save the day. There are a total of three PJ masks figures, including Gecko and his Gecko mobile as well as Owlette and the Owl glider. This is a race car set developed for play by children aged three and above.

The ultimate PJ Masks experience can only be found with this exciting toy set, as it provides your little one with a realistic storyline as well as developing his hand coordination skills. All vehicles in this toy set come in vibrant colors that attract children effortlessly. So go ahead and get this as a gift for your child or as a present to your inner kid, and enjoy different scenarios of pure fun.